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HirePayoff™ - by Growth Ventures

Smart organizations want to hire and maintain the best talent,
but they often use the wrong tools and end up with predictably poor results.

Nothing can build a company, help it grow, or sink it, as much as its recruiting and hiring decisions. 

Link hiring decisions to bottom line results

Evaluate and predict a candidate's future performance, potential, and ability to engage in meeting the organization strategic goals

Growth Ventures helps organizations:

  • Aquire quality talent using proven screening methodologies

  • Increase talent retention

  • Predict candidate engagement

  • Build a sustainable culture

  • Avoid risk by using a validated and legally defensible assessment process

  • Focus recruiting efforts on the right candidates, regardless of applicant volume

The HirePayoff process:

  • Scalable

  • Validated

  • Legally defensible

  • Predictive and accurate

  • Customizable to organization and industry

Focus on the most important candidates
using a scalable, validated, and legal defensible screening process

Here's how the program works:

  1. Job Analysis - a detailed job analysis is performed to define customer requirements for the targeted jobs, and how candidates should be screened
  2. Validation - validation identifies the most effective means for the customer to screen employees to ensure alignment with the organizational needs
  3. Delivery and Integration - when the screening process goes live, data is fed directly to the customer's HRIS system, such as Oracle, Workday®, and IBM Kenexa
  4. Verification - ongoing data analysis is performed to verify the validity of the screening process
Dave_Jones_HirePayoff_sq We pioneered the development of online candidate screening back in the 1990s. We design and implement employee screening and hiring programs that helps employers avoid the high costs, disruptions, and negative exposure that can come with a bad hire.
Dr. David Jones
CEO - Growth Ventures, Inc.

What if you could:

  • reduce turnover
  • increase employee engagement
  • improve organizational culture
  • prevent employee lawsuits

All while reliably finding top talent specific to your organization’s needs?

As a leader in creating recruiting, screening, and hiring solutions, HirePayoff leverages technology to assist organizations in identifying the top talent needed to meet their long-term goals. Moreover, they monitor and  ensure seamless functioning, while also providing extensive legal support when/if issues should ever be encountered.

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Solution Overview

Dr. David P. Jones, is the President and CEO of HirePayoff, a Growth Ventures company that provides candidate hiring program services, designing and administering candidate hiring programs in a validated and legally defensible way.

What makes HirePayoff unique as a talent assessment provider, is that they also defend organizations when a hiring process is legally challenged, and provide support via deposition and court testimony. 

HirePayoff provides the following solutions to organizations of any size:

  • HirePayoff™ – Online applicant assessment that predicts employee engagement

  • HireCompliance – EEO Compliance Review and expert HR Compliance Testimony

  • HirePerformance –Custom development of assessment, compensation, and performance plans

Solution Details

  • Used by organizations world-wide since 2011
  • Validated, Reliable and Legally Defensible
  • Scalable and capable of delivering more than a million candidate assessments for any organization.


HirePayoff meets the needs of organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste Management
  • High Tech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • many, many, and more


Those who pass the HirePayoff screening standards have:

  • 12% Higher "End the Sale" results
  • 14% higher "Overall" ratings
  • 58% Higher "Likely To Advance" ratings improvement in overall life satisfaction

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